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Why Wait for Surgery? - Your Health, Your Choice

With the demand in services in healthcare ever increasing, patients are finding that this is impacting on the amount of time they have to wait for treatment. More and more people are choosing to “go private” whenever they need hospital care. However many people still do not realise how easy it can be to access private healthcare, or the benefit it can bring. 

Private healthcare is available to you whether or not you have Private Medical Insurance. If your family doctor is referring you to hospital, simply ask for a private referral. You are advised to check your policy for insurance cover, or if self funding, contact Oaks Hospital's Service Advisors for an estimate on 01206 753 245.

No waiting list

When you go private there is no lengthy waiting list – this means you can get fast access to diagnostic tests, and consultant specialist advice, as well as early admission to hospital if you need treatment.

Expert clinical care

Private patient care is led by a consultant specialist, and your treatment will be delivered by the consultant, rather than a more junior doctor. The consultant is supported by a friendly, skilled team of nurses and healthcare professionals, including a doctor on site 24 hours per day.

Medical facilities

Ramsay Health Care invests in the latest medical technologies so that your consultant has modern clinical equipment to diagnose and treat your condition. Due to the increase in patient numbers at Oaks Hospital, it has undergone a £4.2m development during 2011which means additional facilities are available on-site including five new consulting/examination rooms, an additional minor operations room, a fourth theatre and a new 11-bay Ambulatory unit to assist with an ever growing day case volume. A new Physiotherapy Gym with eight treatment rooms has also been opened. The development means Oaks Hospital will be in a position to offer even more exceptional care to the local community and for those patients who continue to choose the Oaks as their preferred private hospital for their care.

Safety and cleanliness

You can be reassured that the Oaks Hospital has very high standards of Clinical quality and safety, and is strictly regulated by the Care Quality Commission. The hospital has effective infection control measures, with cleanliness a top priority.

Premium Care Benefits - comfort and privacy during your hospital stay

At Oaks Hospital you can enjoy fast track admission to a comfortable single room with en-suite facilities, and excellent hotel services including free TV viewing and newspaper. 

Premium Care patients enjoy a healthy a la carte menu, and you may even order a free glass of wine with dinner, if your condition allows! You will receive a fast track discharge when you are ready to go home. 

Having your own room means you can have privacy when you want it, although the Oaks Hospital has open visiting hours, so your family and friends can see you whenever you want company. The Oaks Hospital offers free car parking, so there are no worries about parking charges or penalties. 

Day patients have the benefit of efficient day case processes, in dedicated facilities, which can allow you to go back to the comfort of your own home within hours.

Caring for you

Independent research shows patient satisfaction levels in Ramsay Hospitals to be among the top 2% of all UK organisations, and the latest figure from the first quarter of 2011 rates Oaks’ patient satisfaction at 94%, with many patients commenting on how well cared for they have felt during their stay in the Oaks Hospital.

Outside the NHS

Some procedures such as Cosmetic treatments, and Varicose Vein surgery may not be freely available to NHS patients, but Oaks Hospital has expertise in providing these services privately.

Self pay packages – Fixed cost care

If you are waiting for surgery, Oaks Hospital offers self pay package prices, which are all–inclusive of the surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital charges. Just like a package holiday, you will know the costs at the outset. Many operations are less expensive than you would think. 

Please call our Hospital Services Advisors on 01206 753 245 for a price estimate and further advice or guidance. Full payment is required before you are admitted.

Private medical insurance

If you are insured – we hope you will appreciate the benefit whenever you need to claim.

Why Wait?

To find out more about treatments and services available at the Oaks Hospital please contact our Hospital Services Advisors via our online form or on 01206 753 245.