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If you would like to leave feedback regarding your care at Oaks Hospital please follow the links below to submit your feedback: 

Patient testimonials

"Outstanding on all aspects , lovely staff."

April 2017

"My Husband had the best treatment anyone can have."

April 2017

"What a Fantastic day I had, all the staff where pleasant and welcoming to my every need, I want for nothing. The food at the restaurant for my wife was amazing. The whole experience was a real pleasure in a time of anxiety and the care and attention I got pre and post op is worth more than money can spend thank you."

April 2017

"Great friendly staff. Professional well run place."

March 2017

"I was in as a day case for an arthroscopy under the NHS. From the moment I arrived I felt at ease. I was introduced to everyone who would be involved and my mind was put at rest. The room was clean and tidy as was the bathroom. The delicious egg sandwiches were also very welcome as I hadn't eaten for twelve hours. Thank you for the care I received."

March 2017

"Clean, tidy and easy access, staff treated us with respect. Good facilities including cafe open for lunch."

March 2017

"Such a friendly place, from the moment you arrive through all your care - nurses, theatre and porters. Clean and quiet. Thank you everyone for making me feel more like a guest than a patient."

March 2017

"All the staff are so attentive. They really work hard to make your stay as comfortable as possible and I cannot thank everyone enough for the care that I have received. I fully recommend anyone in the Colchester and surrounding areas if you are looking for a Private Hospital then this is the one!"

March 2017

"A wonderful hospital. Every one is so pleasent and they soon put me at ease every time I have been."

March 2017

 "My recent experience at the Oaks has quite simply been fantastic ...I felt totally looked after and in safe hands and was very excited the procedure had been a success. The procedure has basically changed my life, I'm a different person and I'm so grateful to the care and attention I've received from those at the Oaks, thank you."

Alison Lightly, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex


“My pain improved from 10/10 to almost zero after keyhole surgery”
Kate, Harlow


“Although I had read elsewhere that the removal of veins using the laser technique caused very little discomfort I was slightly sceptical on the basis that if it sounds too good to be true it invariably isn't. In my case the removal procedure took around 30 mins during which time my leg was slightly numb from the local anaesthetic. After about another hour I put on the support stocking and felt no pain whatsoever then or indeed later. The same afternoon I worked from home and took the bus into work and back for the next two days. During the fortnight after the operation I exercised regularly and went for an 8 mile walk after seven days and played squash after ten days. All in all a very satisfactory experience. Thank you very much!”
BH, Colchester, Essex


“It’s most welcoming, there’s no need for fear, there’s warmth and welcome to every patient I’ve seen. I have always been impressed with the care and efficiency of the staff under Matron Juliet Driver and it is apparent in patient contact throughout the hospital”.

Mr Desmond Boyden, Colchester, Essex. 


"(Husband) said you were really kind and caring in every way. You helped him to feel confident and relaxed as you worked in a very skilled way ... Thank you for looking after my lovely husband so well".

Mrs Celia Strange, Wivenhoe, Essex.


“I had my first knee replacement five years ago with you, which was excellent, so I came back for the second (Visionaire) knee which has exceeded my expectations. If I had a third knee I would come straight back”.

Mr Keith Hodgson, Essex.

What do you think we did well?

“Everything. In particular preparing me before I came in so that I knew what to expect – there were no surprises. Every single member of staff with whom I have come into contact has been affable, courteous, knowledgeable and has given me confidence. Thank you to them all.”

Mr Joseph Cleary, Ipswich, Suffolk.


“Excellent care – again – in all areas. Everyone very helpful and friendly. Had contact with Matron and General Manager again. Very nice approachable people. Mr Milne took the time to inform individual patients himself of work being done in corridor. Thoughtful gesture”.

Mrs Janet Staples, Brightlingsea, Essex.


Mr K said:

“Everything was first class. Great communication and attention from consultant and nursing staff alike.”


Mr T said:

“I was anxious. The nurses and consultants were very friendly and professional and reduced my anxiety to nil. The room was clean and bright and the aftercare excellent. Overall, an experience I was dreading was in the event, extremely positive.”


Mr M said:

“A calming influence from the consultants and all of staff connected with the procedures one is involved in, a big bonus where blood pressure and heart complaints are evident”.


Mrs M said:

“The care I have received is excellent, staff were professional, caring and just wonderful. Food was great, catering staff excellent. Thank you to all”.