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NEW direct access gastroscopy NHS service at Oaks Thursday 26 January 2017

A ‘direct access upper gastrointestinal (GI) diagnostic endoscopy service’ has been reintroduced to North East Essex, supported by Oaks Hospital.

The service will provide GPs with a direct route to obtaining diagnostic imaging for adult patients experiencing upper gastrointestinal disturbances for whom a non-urgent, upper gastrointestinal condition may be suspected and who have not responded adequately to first line treatments/management. 

Direct access to endoscopic diagnostic services is long recognised as key in supporting GPs to manage non urgent gastrointestinal conditions in a more effective and timely manner by eliminating the need for patient’s to be seen first by a hospital specialist before referral for a gastroscopy.  Moreover the service will provide a much improved healthcare experience for patients and their families by:-

* Ensuring earlier access to the most appropriate clinical treatment and/or management of their condition.

* Providing a local and convenient, single appointment service instead of having to attend hospital multiple times.

* Allowing those patients who do need urgent clinical intervention, earliest access to the appropriate specialist treatment/management pathway.

This NHS service shall be provided by and at Oaks Hospital in Colchester for those GP practices that are part of the north east Essex Clinical Commissioning Group locality. Patients should be referred by their GP via the NHS’ Electronic Referral System (E-RS) or via a paper referral, with results sent directly to the GP for follow up with the patient.