From apprentice to fully qualified nurse

We speak to Christine Tipping on her experience of working towards becoming a fully qualified nurse with the support of Oaks Hospital and Ramsay Health Care UK.

"I have worked at Oaks Hospital for 5 years. I started in June 2014 while completing the Prince’s Trust “Get into Health and Social Care Course”. I needed this because my original certificates were out of date and I had no previous hospital experience. After my work experience at Oaks Hospital, I was offered an apprenticeship to gain my Level 2 in Health and Social Care and my Level One in Maths and English.

I started my apprenticeship in September 2014 and completed my Level 2 in Health and Social Care in September 2015, upon completion I was offered a full time job at Oaks Hospital. I worked as a Healthcare Assistant until September 2016 when I started my Foundation Degree in nursing which I completed in January 2018. During 2018 I completed my Level Two in Maths and English in order to start my BSc Nursing Apprenticeship in May this year (2019).  I have also won the Ramsay Apprentice of the Year Award 2019 for which I was thrilled to not only have been nominated for, but to have won.

I never thought that I would go to university or have the sort of career that I have now. Before coming to Oaks Hospital I was a full time carer for my dad who is disabled and has many comorbidities, but he encouraged me to pursue a career in nursing and I am so grateful he did. Working at Oaks and having these opportunities has given me a career to be proud of. I have gained so much in the way of self-esteem and confidence which was something I struggled with before. I am the first member of my family to go to university and I hope to inspire my daughters to do the same when they are older".

We are so proud of Christine and all that she has achieved and continue to support her in her journey to becoming a fully qualified nurse. The schemes we offer through Ramsay Health Care enable people to fulfill their dreams and ambitions along with the support of the hospital and company. 

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