Oaks Hospital’s Hero of Healthcare

Oaks Hospital’s Hero of Healthcare Mandy Hinson - Catering Assistant

How long have you worked at Oaks Hospital?

I have worked at Oaks Hospital for 31 years.  I started in March 1988. 

What is your background?

I left school on a YTS programme and trained at a local Supermarket.  As soon as my YTS was complete I started working at Oaks Hospital when I was 19 years old in the catering department. 

What is your role?

I am a Catering Assistant.  I serve refreshments and meals to the patients on the ward.   All meals are delivered with a smile. 

What do you enjoy about it?

I really enjoy meeting patients, there are so many interesting stories that some patients want to share with you, no two days are the same.   Sometimes patients remember me from years ago, and one patient this week said she remembered me and my smile from 20 years ago when she was last at Oaks Hospital.  I have seen the hospital grow over the years, but one thing remains the same, service with a smile. 

We have a brilliant team of 4.  We all work very closely and very well together.  I am responsible for everyone’s training when they join the catering team.  I have trained a fair few over the years, but because it’s a lovely job we don’t have many leave.  We have a shift pattern of: 

Earlies – 6.30am-2pm
Middles – 11am-6.30pm
Lates – 1pm-8.30pm 

What are your outside interests?

I love cooking and I am a keen MacMillan supporter so enjoy baking for them to raise money for their cause which is very close to my heart.  I really enjoy reading fiction, and once I pick up a book I struggle to put it down.  I walk a lot, and do a fair few steps at work, but I also like to get out in the fresh air.  

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