Oaks Consultant Mr Subash Vasudevan takes on a trek!

Oaks Consultant Mr Subash Vasudevan takes on a trek!

Being a cancer surgeon myself and having lost my father to stomach cancer, I have seen the impact of this dreadful condition as a clinician and a carer. Whilst there have been major breakthroughs in cancer treatments over the last few decades, patients and families still go through a very difficult time throughout their treatment and recovery. Having all treatment modalities under one roof where patients and families can be supported during these difficult times will be a massive boost to our  community and will enable the teams to provide exceptional holistic care.

My trip is completely self funded and all the donations will go straight to the charity. I'm travelling to Nepal and trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp, one of the worlds highest civilisations. The 130 km round trip starts with a roller coaster flight from Kathmandu to Lukla which is dubbed as the "most dangerous airport in the world", landing on a narrow, steep airstrip surrounded by tall mountains and deep valleys. From Lukla, I will be trekking  to a height of 5,644m over the next week to Everest base camp, contending with below freezing conditions, low oxygen levels and possible altitude sickness. I will be giving up my comforts for what I hope will be a trip of a lifetime. I am very grateful for all your encouragement and support.

I am helping with the campaign to build a world-class cancer centre within Colchester. The cancer centre has been officially named as The Collingwood Centre and construction has begun which is a real milestone for the campaign. However, there is still c. £180,000 left to raise so we can't stop yet. Fundraising continues to reach the final target and enable the Wellness Centre to become a reality. The Wellness Centre is where patients and their families will be able to get advice and information, sign up for courses to help them through this difficult time in their lives and take part in counselling and complimentary therapies. It is a key part of our offering to patients and will be in a separate building providing not only some geographical, but also psychological distance from the main treatment centre.

Donations can be made here.

Thank you for all your support.



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