Oaks Hospital and East Suffolk And North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) Collaborate to Support Patients in North East Essex

Oaks Hospital, part of Ramsay Health Care UK, has made the entire hospital capacity and all team members available to ESNEFT to help in the fight against COVID-19. This includes the provision of urgent acute, medical and cancer cases.

Oaks are undertaking urgent surgery for those patients who are immuno-compromised, such as colorectal, urology, ENT and breast cancer surgery.

Oaks Hospital clinical staff with relevant skills are currently undergoing training to work on the ward and theatres in the coming weeks in order to ensure they are available when needed. Non-clinical staff are upskilling to assist porters, kitchen and the ward. An astonishing training programme for the entire hospital has been developed in record time including PPE training and FFP3 mask fitting for relevant staff members.

Oaks Hospital and ESNEFT have a long-standing partnership and this partnership is even more important as we stand together as one team to face the challenges ahead. 

Amy Simpson, Hospital Director at Oaks Hospital said: “Oaks Hospital will do everything it takes to support ESNEFT and the people of North East Essex at this time of crisis. Our staff are standing shoulder to shoulder with the NHS at the frontline to fight against COVID-19. I am immensely proud of the Oaks Hospital team as we quickly train and prepare for whatever is next.”


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