Oaks Hospital Urologist invited to operate in Lisbon

Oaks Hospital Consultant Urologist Mr Gerald Rix was recently invited to an educational meeting at the Hospital da Luz in Lisbon to demonstrate his technique for performing HoLEP (Holmium laser prostatectomy). Mr Rix has close links with the Iberian Peninsula, having been to both Portugal and Spain as a guest surgeon on several occasions. 

The case, before a live audience was performed successfully with a good surgical outcome. Other international surgeons demonstrated their techniques and discussions were held as to the merits of the various treatment modalities for enlarged prostate.

The conclusion within the urological community is that for men with smaller prostates who don't want to take tablets newer, temporising procedures such as Urolift or steam treatment might alleviate the symptoms for a few years and avoid them having to take medication.

For men with larger prostates and those causing significant obstruction, enucleation techniques, of which HoLEP laser prostatectomy is the most well established are currently the gold standard.

HoLEP was identified as a reliable procedure when it first came out and has been performed in Colchester on over one thousand patients with excellent results. Mr Rix has treated patients from all over the UK with this procedure. He regularly teaches the technique both in the UK and abroad.

The HoLEP procedure is available at Oaks Hospital Colchester.


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