Appointment of Tan Arulampalam as Visiting Professor of Surgery, School of Medicine, Anglia Ruskin University

We are delighted to announce that Tan Arulampalam has been appointed Visiting Professor at the School of Medicine, Anglia Ruskin University. Professor Arulampalam was appointed Consultant Surgeon at Ramsay Oaks Hospital in Colchester in 2004 specialising in hernia, colorectal and biliary surgery as well as endoscopic services. The School of Medicine is the newest medical school in the UK, having opened its doors to undergraduates in September 2018.

The appointment is recognition of Professor Arulampalam’s research and track record of surgical training and education during a period of widespread adoption of laparoscopic surgery in the early 2000’s to the present day. His doctoral thesis in PET imaging for cancer laid the foundation to significant work in proteomics for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer, radiomics and in particular texture analysis as well as clinical research in minimally invasive surgery for colorectal cancer. He helped establish the ICENI Centre for training, research and education in Colchester and was Clinical Director for 6 years before taking up positions on the European Association of Endoscopic Surgeons research committee and Chairman of the International Development Committee of the ASGBI. HE has a keen interest in Global Surgery and facilitating teaching and training in low and middle income countries.  He is also Honorary Treasurer of the Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland.

His new role will allow him to continue his research interests and training commitments for postgraduate surgeons, but importantly he will be committed to being on the faculty of the undergraduate School of Medicine at Anglia Ruskin University. He will supervise students and oversee modules in the surgical curriculum. He will, of course, continue to practice at the Oaks Hospital offering a wide range of general surgical, colorectal, hernia and endoscopic services.


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