Dr Yash is registered to administer Yellow Fever Vaccines at Oaks Hospital.


Two inspiring young Oaks Hospital employees received a special invitation from The Princes Trust to speak at a celebration event being held at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.


Dr Yash is a Private GP at Oaks Hospital in Colchester. Dr Yash has set up two new women’s health services to her clinics at Oaks Hospital.


Congratulations to Oaks Pre-Assessment Nurse Estera Kajdzak for achieving a 100% MCQ pass mark and excellent assessed scenario in a recent Acute Illness Management (AIM) Course held at Oaks Hospital on Friday 18th October.


Most people arrive for their MRI scans with some feeling of apprehension, it’s very common and completely normal. It could be that they are worried about what the scan may show, or it might be that their friends and family have told them that the MRI experience is really awful; it could be both!