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NHS Services

Thanks to Patient Choice, patients in England now have the option to attend a Ramsay facility for NHS treatment. Ask your GP if you could choose to have your treatment at Oaks Hospital. Click here to find out more about patient choice.

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From time to time we do hear feedback about the myths surrounding referral of NHS patients, so we would like take this opportunity to correct some of the current misunderstandings and help you get to know Oaks Hospital better - read more.

What services do we offer?

The following services are offered at the Oaks Hospital under the NHS:

  • Adult tonsillectomy clinic
  • Carpal tunnel clinic
  • Cataract clinic
  • Cholecystectomy clinic
  • Colonoscopy clinic
  • Colorectal clinic
  • Lower GI clinic
  • Upper GI clinic
  • Eyelid abnormalities clinic
  • Foot only clinic
  • Gall bladder clinic
  • Gastroenterology clinic
  • General ENT clinic
  • General surgery clinic
  • General urology clinic
  • Gynaecology clinic
  • Haemorrhoids clinic
  • Hand and wrist clinic
  • Hand only clinic
  • Hernia clinic
  • Hip clinic
  • Hip and knee clinic
  • Knee clinic
  • Knee arthroscopy clinic
  • Minor skin surgery clinic
  • Pain management clinic
  • Pancreatic/Biliary clinic
  • Pelvic pain clinic
  • Podiatry clinic
  • Prolapse clinic
  • Rectal bleeding clinic
  • Shoulder and elbow clinic
  • Vascular clinic

Ask your GP if you could choose to have your treatment at Oaks Hospital or contact Kate Jones, NHS Co-ordinator on 01206 753 264 or email to find out more about your treatment options.

The Medicines Formulary

The Medicines Formulary has been designed as a tool to assist in promoting safe, cost-effective prescribing within the NHS. The aim is that the Formulary will cover 80-90% of prescribing within the Health Community although we recognise that there will be instances where prescribing outside of the formulary will be both necessary and appropriate.


You can see the local Medicines Formulary here.