Insured referrals

Insured patients - save your practice money


As a GP by encouraging and/or reminding patients to use their private medical insurance, you can save the NHS a significant amount of money and help make the most of NHS resources.

Did you know...

  • 15-25% of the population in North East Essex are likely to have health insurance or have the ability to fund their own treatment.

  • By reminding your patient to use their health insurance you can help:
    • Relieve pressure of demand on the NHS.
    • Reduce patient waiting lists.
    • Save your practice money.
    • Help your patient receive treatment sooner.

  • Some of the reasons that a patient does not use their health insurance are because:
    • They forget they have it.
    • They don’t think they will be covered.
    • They remember half way through their NHS pathway.
    • Their GP does not offer the option to choose.

Did you know that you that you can refer a self-pay/insured patient securely online?
User name: Ramsayonline | Password: Ramsaygp
Alternatively please call our booking team on 01206 753 295

GP Referral Hotline

01206 753264

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(24 hours)

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Referral Process

  • Simply send a referral letter via our secure online system, fax or post.

  • In the meantime your patient can contact their local Ramsay Hospital directly to arrange a convenient appointment.

  • If the patient does not contact us we will contact them to arrange an appointment according to the details provided on the referral.

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