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Self-pay FAQ

When should I make patients aware that they can self-fund their treatment?

There are times when it is acceptable to make your patients aware of private self-funded treatments.

  • When a patient wants to be seen and treated quickly.
  • When a patient does not meet the criteria for NHS treatment.
  • When you and your patient want to choose the consultant they see.

How quickly could a private patient be given an appointment at the hospital?

  • Your patients will be offered an appointment for routine outpatient consultation with a non- specified consultant, within 72 hours (3 working days.)  Urgent appointments are available on the same day.
  • Your patient can choose to wait longer for an appointment if they prefer an alternative date, or if they wish to wait for a specific consultant.

Rapid access to diagnostic services and fast track reporting means that your patients will receive the result of their  tests early, thus offering peace of mind or allowing treatment to commence sooner, helping to ensure the best possible clinical outcomes.

Will private patients be seen by the same consultant throughout their whole treatment journey?

  • Premium Care patient care is led by the same consultant for each visit of an episode of care. Continuity of care provides an efficient care pathway, and improves patient satisfaction.
  • Friendly, professional clinical teams support the consultant.

What benefits will private patients receive by choosing Ramsay?

  • Ramsay provides a patient focused approach to ensure the hospital visit is as easy as possible.  Ramsay hospitals offer free car parking, timed appointments, longer appointment times, comfortable waiting areas, and where possible one-stop diagnostics.

How can I make a private referral?

Will self-funding patients receive a fixed price package?

  • After the initial consultation with the chosen consultant, we will quote an inclusive, fixed price for any procedures or surgery. A finance scheme is also available. Diagnostic tests are not included.

For a list of the more frequently requested self-pay treatments we carry out at Oaks Hospital please visit our guide price page. Please feel free to pass these guide prices on to your patients or encourage them to find them here on our website at

Will referring patients privately be a positive benefit to the NHS?

Referring your patient privately to Oaks Hospital not only benefits your patient but also saves the NHS money and resources to continue caring for other patients.

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