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Caroline Sturman

Caroline Sturman

Breast Friend Founder

In 2017, shortly after Caroline’s 40th birthday, she was diagnosed with a 10cm tumour in her breast. In early 2018, Caroline had a mastectomy followed by radiotherapy and a 10 year course of Tamoxifen combined with a 5 year course of Zoladex. In 2021, Caroline had a DIEP Flap Reconstruction.

Being a mum with a young family, there have been many times throughout the journey that Caroline would have appreciated the opportunity to connect with other women that completely understand how it feels to juggle life with a breast cancer diagnosis.

Janine Aldis

Janine Aldis

Breast Friend Founder

In July 2020, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, Janine was diagnosed with multifocal, HER2+ Breast Cancer. Soon after, Janine began a course of chemotherapy, she had 3 doses of EC followed by 3 of Docetaxal with Herceptin. In 2021, Janine had a DIEP Flap Reconstruction.

Janine said it would have been so beneficial at times during the challenging moments of her journey to be able to connect with other women and hopes that she can now help others facing similar challenges.

Advice and support

The founders, Caroline and Janine, host a private Facebook group and also a Linktree page that provides a forum for members to ask questions, share experiences and chat with others.

Monthly social events are also organised which provide members with an opportunity to connect in person.

Useful links and contacts for support

Breast Friends Website -

Charities and organisations the founders found useful following their Breast Cancer diagnosis:

Helen Rollason Cancer Charity -

Breast Reconstructions Awareness -

The Cancer Wellbeing Centre -

The John Le Vay Cancer Support and Information Centre -

Macmillan Cancer Support - 

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