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Cosmetic Surgery

"After researching my options I concluded that Mr Britto was the best available"

Mr Peartree saw Mr Britto for Rhinoplasty surgery. 

"After researching my options I concluded that Mr Britto was the best available and I duly booked an appointment to see him at the Oaks hospital in Colchester. He described the process in some detail and after a fairly lengthy discussion (during which I never felt under any pressure) we decided to go ahead with it. The operation itself was a complete success and I have suffered no side effects from it, in fact I'm delighted with the outcome. The quality of care I received from the Oaks hospital during and after the operation was excellent and I would feel confident going there again should I need to.

"The whole experience has been very positive. I'm very grateful for the care and skill of a surgeon like Mr. Britto"

Linda Alderson saw Mr Britto for eyelid aesthetic surgery. 

"I had been thinking about having plastic surgery on my eyelids for some time especially after caring for my elderly mother who had the same problem as myself which was hooding of the eye. I noticed how badly this affected her vision as she aged along with her macular degeneration. I think the stress of caring for her and the lack of sleep through worry made my eyes worse and I noticed how much it aged my face. 

I found that Oaks Hospital had a selection of plastic surgeons that specialised in this type of surgery and as both my husband and I have had successful surgery privately and under the NHS I felt confident that this would be the right place to start my research, also it is a local hospital for myself, which is convenient. Having looked on the internet at the credentials of the surgeons from Oaks Hospital I was very impressed with the link to Mr. Britto's practice based in London. I found the website to be very informative and I got in touch via email for more information and an appointment to see him. On my initial consultation Mr. Britto listened to my concerns and explained very comprehensively exactly what I could have done. He explained that he wanted to create a good aesthetic balance in my face as my concern was that I didn't want one half of my face looking obviously worked on and the other looking older because of the contrast. My major concern was not only the hooded eyes but also my lower lids as they were becoming bagged and shadowed and that I had a limited budget. He showed me examples of his work on his laptop which helped me to see what could be achieved. At no point did I feel pressured. That initial consultation was money well spent as Mr. Britto wrote me a letter detailing everything that we had discussed and encouraging me to get in touch with any concerns or questions that I may have had. Of course I had some concerns which I was able to discuss in detail via email. Mr. Britto's answers were always very clear, detailed and understandable. After another consultation it was decided that I would opt for an upper and lower lid blepharoplasty which would give my cheeks a lift at the same time. This was a good option for me as it addressed the main problem as was within my budget. A date was set for the procedure at a time convenient to myself. 

The care at Oaks Hospital was amazing. It was like being in a hotel bedroom with an ensuite. I was looked after very well by the nursing staff both before and after my operation. Mr. Britto saw me before and after to make sure everything was going according to plan. I can honestly say that there was minimal pain and a little bruising, which you would expect. The swelling and bruising soon went and the affect was instant. My eyes and cheeks were amazing! What I noticed most was how open my eyes looked and how much better I could see. Mr. Britto had taken before and after photos to highlight the difference. 

My discharge after care was also excellent with many checks and consultations with Mr. Britto and my face just improved more and more as time went by. The results are very natural looking and it has knocked years off of my face. In fact one young lady I know said that if she looked like me when she's my age she would be over the moon! The whole experience has been very positive. I'm very grateful for the care and skill of a surgeon like Mr. Britto. 

Linda Alderson, Essex

 "I am delighted with the end result."

Ms Barulis underwent an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure at the Oaks Hospital. 

“My stomach was badly deformed following an emergency caesarean many years ago and I wanted to improve my appearance. My goal was to have a flat stomach. Mr Mat Griffiths was recommended to me and his experience fitted my needs perfectly.

I chose the Oaks Hospital because I had a successful hysterectomy there and was pleased with the treatment I received. The care and understanding I received at the Oaks was excellent in all areas and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.

The service I received from my consultant was superb from start to finish. I had problems with fluid retention and the aftercare I received was 100%. I am delighted with the end result - my goal has been achieved totally.

I would recommend My Griffiths’ services to anyone without hesitation. He is a fine surgeon and a very pleasant, professional man.”

Ms Barulis, Essex 

"I can now wear my hair up, go swimming etc without the constant worry of whether my ears are showing a lot."

Miss W contacted the Oaks Hospital cosmetic surgery clinic to discuss pinnaplasty surgery for prominent ears. 

"Having been paranoid and very unhappy with the appearance of my ears for nearly all my adult life, I decided that I would very much like to consider having a pinnaplasty procedure done to improve my confidence. 

From the very first consultation, Mr Tare was professional, honest and straight-talking. I felt as if he wasn’t just saying what I wanted to hear and he made me aware of the realistic possibilities. I was able to have a very in-depth and varied discussion to clarify my and his expectations. 

The procedure itself was straight forward and my final consultation a week prior to the operation was informative and useful. Mr Tare made an effort to visit me after surgery and let me know that he was pleased with how it went and what to expect throughout the recuperation period. 

The bandages were removed two days ago and I am so happy with the results! Mr Tare could not have done a better job and he really listened to what I wanted. My ears look very natural still and you can’t even see the incision points behind the ear! 

I can now wear my hair up, go swimming etc without the constant worry of whether my ears are showing a lot. It has changed my life! Thank you Mr Tare".

Miss W, Essex

"I can honestly say that Mr Tare has changed my life"

'An excellent surgeon and a lovely man, I can honestly say that Mr Tare has changed my life. I have always suffered from very low confidence, with my breast, not the size but, I grew up with underdevelopment meaning they grew tubular. I wasn't looking for unnatural large breasts but I was looking for average teenage looking boobs, and with the help from Mr Tare and his excellent talent, he transformed the shape, and look to something I thought would never be possible.'

Ms S, Essex


'I highly recommend you as your duty of care to your patients goes far beyond general expectation.'

Mrs T, Essex saw Mr Tare for a breast augmentation

'Now fully recovered after breast augmentation, the result of which I am extremely happy, I would like to pass on my sincere thanks for your committed care during my recovery. Due to a small unforeseen complication due to a previous operation many years ago I spent longer than expected under your care. During my stay in hospital your regular visits and assessments of my recovery were much appreciated and also the extra consultation, a short time after to check my recovery.

I highly recommend you as your duty of care to your patients goes far beyond general expectation.' 


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