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Knee Replacements at Oaks Hospital

Hip Replacement

For many people, knee replacement surgery not only signals a return to mobility but also relieves them of the daily pain they can have which can become debilitating by restricting movement and interrupting sleep.

What causes knee joint wear and tear?

The most common causes of knee joint damage is osteoarthritis (when the connecting tissue between the joint is damaged, causing the bones to run together painfully). People suffering from pain and stiffness due to damaged knee joints find it can seriously affect their quality of life and interfere with many daily activities, even taking way their independence. Advances in technology and availability means hip and knee replacements have now become common and highly successful operations.

When would a knee replacement be recommended?

When a knee joint wears out, it will become steadily more painful. If the pain is so severe it interferes with your quality of life including sleep, medication is not working and everyday tasks are difficult, it might well be the right time for a replacement joint. Most adults having them are over 64, and women tend to need them more than men. 

The surgical team here at the Oaks Hospital will take great care to ensure you get the best possible result following surgery. A physiotherapist will also discuss your rehabilitation programme, and your needs for other equipment and help at home on discharge will be assessed. The physiotherapist will teach you appropriate exercises to aid rehabilitation and how to mobilise appropriately.

Benefits of knee surgery

The knee joint is replaced with artificial implants called prosthesis which imitate natural bone shape and can be made of metal, plastic or ceramic. The type of replacement will be discussed with your consultant who will recommend the best one for you. 

Most patients recover quickly and can be home within days. You will stay in hospital until you are able to walk safely with aid of a frame or crutches. Physiotherapists will work with you to improve leg control and build your confidence and once both your consultant surgeon and physiotherapist are happy with your progress you will be discharged. 

A hip or knee replacement can bring improved mobility and relief from pain for many people and a new hip or knee could last up to 15 years (source:

How do I access knee surgery and other orthopaedic treatments at Oaks Hospital?

Please contact our Hospital Services Advisors now if you would like to find out more about knee replacements and orthopaedic services at the Oaks Hospital, or to book an appointment. Treatment may be covered by medical insurance and competitive self pay package prices are available on request. Telephone 01206 987669 or fill out the online form

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