Please note that from September 2018 a programme of work will commence as part of the upgrade to the hospital’s facilities. During this period of time there may be some noise disturbance although we assure you that any disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum.

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Children's Services (Paediatrics)


Oaks Hospital provides private care and treatment for children from 3 years of age to their 18th birthday.

At Oaks Hospital we understand that getting ready for a hospital visit can sometimes be an anxious time for children and their family.

Every child will have a pre-admission visit. During this visit they will be able to ask questions and will also have a visit to their room, anaesthetic room (if possible) and recovery department. This will ensure that you and your child are informed and well prepared for the surgery.

All children are nursed in a secure area on the ward. They are given their own private room with TV, and en-suite facility. Playstation, games and DVDs are available. We also provide facilities for parents to stay overnight in a private room with TV and en-suite facility. One parent will able to accompany their child into the anaesthetic room until their child is asleep.

We understand that children recover better when they are surrounded by loved ones. Visiting is therefore unrestricted, but please be guided by the nurse as your child will need to rest. If there are any restrictions for visitors please let the nurse know. On discharge you will be given postoperative information leaflet, pain management leaflet and a contact number for your nurse.

Below are the areas of children’s services we offer at Oaks Hospital and the age at which we can see patient's from:

Allergies: 3+
Audiology (referral from ENT): 3+
Dermatology: 3+
Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT): 3+
Oral & Maxillofacial: 3+
Ophthalmology: 5+
Orthopaedics: 3+
Children’s General Surgery (hernias etc): 3+
Plastic surgery (minor): 3+
Physiotherapy: 3+
Podiatry: 3+
Private GP Services: 3+
Neurology: 7+
Radiology: 3+
Rheumatology: 3+
Spinal: 3+
Urology: 3+

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Please contact us via our online form or call our Hospital Services Advisors on 01206 987669 and we will be happy to help you with information about all the Children's services at the Oaks Hospital and booking an appointment.

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  • Loans for full cost of treatment
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  • Interest-free loan plan
  • Administration fee of £95
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  • Your choice of consultant
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  • Freshly prepared menu
  • Private en-suite rooms*
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